3 Legged Thing Roxie L-Bracket Grey

Dedikert L-brakett for Canon EOS R5 & R6

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3 Legged Thing Roxie er en dedikert L-brakett laget for å passe perfekt sammen med Canon EOS R5 og R6.


Dedicated L-bracket to perfectly fit the Canon R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras

  • Full access to battery and cable doors
  • Screen cut out 
  • Multiple accessory attachment threads


Function + style = Roxie L-bracket

Roxie is 3 Legged Thing’s dedicated L-bracket, designed to perfectly fit the contours of the Canon EOS R5 and R6 cameras.

One L-bracket, Two Cameras
Roxie has been designed to perfectly fit the contours of both the Canon EOS R5 and R6 cameras, and features a stainless steel Stagsden camera screw and sliding locator pin in the base for a secure fit.

On-Screen Action
The Roxie L-bracket features a cut-out in the vertical aspect which enables the rear screen of the R5 and R6 to be opened either upright or tilted for a choice of angles in use.

Access All Areas
Roxie was designed to give users access to all key functions of the R5 and R6 cameras including opening side ports, switching batteries, changing lenses, and using the rear screen.


• Dedicated L-Bracket for Canon EOS R5 & R6 cameras
• Two 1/4"-20 side mounts, for adding accessories (monitors, microphones etc)
• Precision engineed plate profiles for secure connection to your tripod head
• Sliding locator pin in base for additional stability of connection to camera
• Base slot for strap attachment or anchor connection
• Security pins in base and vertical aspect
• 1/4"-20 thread in base for attachment of single-point straps and other accessories


  • Roxie Arca-swiss compatible L-bracket
  • Stagsden Stainless Steel camera screw
  • Retaining bolts (2.5mm hex) for horizontal axis security
  • Dual-ended mini tool with two hex keys for adjustment


Base Length: 101 mm / 4 "

Base Width: 38 mm / 1.5 "

Vertical Aspect Height: 88 mm / 3.49 "

Vertical Aspect Width: 38 mm / 1.5 "

Maximum Vertical Aspect Width: 44 mm / 1.73 "

Weight: 88 g / 3.1 oz

Compatibility – Standard Arca-Swiss





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